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REACT Philippines Inc.

In the summer of 1979 a small group of businessmen from Metro Manila and Central Luzon met to organize a Team from the Task Force Maharlika, a civilian volunteer organization then under the Office of Civil Relations – Philippine Information and Civic Action Group (PHILCAG) of the AFP.

On the recommendation of Col. Honesto M. Isleta, then Deputy Chief of the newly organized AFP Civil Relations Service, CRS Chief Brig. Gen. Alexander L. Felix gave the green light for the formation of an emergency communications team largely composed of civilian volunteers.

This gave birth to the formation of Regional Emergency Assistance Communications Team (REACT). On June 23, 1982, the REACT Articles of Incorporation was approved by the Securities and Exchange Commission.


The Birth of REACT Paglutas…

REACT Paglutas is a group under REACT Philippines Inc. The group was chartered in February 5, 2016 at CRS-AFP Compound, Camp E. Aguinaldo, Quezon City. Chartering was officiated by Mr. Gregorio “Exor” Pacifico, the National President at that time and Mr. Angel “Zuchinni” Tanjangco, National Senior Vice President for Administration. It was witnessed by other REACT members and officers. Rhoderick “Mac” Calvario, Edgardo “Sprinter” Glindro, Luisito “Grand Laq” Quinto, Theo “Good Boy” Militsala, Emmanuel “Mandy” Digma, Vivencio “Green Shadow” Paglinawan, Arnold “Cloud” Bayola, Arman “Mad Mike” Gonzales, Lauriano “Hachiko” Aure, Baldwin “Space Bar” Garcia, Paulino “Bubog” Surio, Dennis “Frigate” Revilla  & Niñel “Soundwave” Pedro were the founding members of REACT Paglutas. The group was formed by radio communication enthusiasts coming from the different sectors of the community. Coming from diverse backgrounds but bound by a common cause – to serve the community.

About Us…

REACT Paglutas is a group of radio communication enthusiasts willing to do volunteer work. We are an active partner of the City Government of Tayabas in its different activities. Paglutas also conducts its own outreach programs and civic activities in Tayabas City and nearby areas. We promote volunteerism and advocates disaster preparedness. We strive to be a dependable partner of the government in maintaining peace, order and stability in our society. As radio communicators, we wish to establish a dependable network of communication even in the event of disasters, calamities and emergencies. As a REACT Paglutas Member, we are willing to render assistance to society regardless of age, sex, dialect, ethnic origin, creed, belief, religion, race and status in life.

Our Area of Responsibilty…

Tayabas City as its area of responsibility, the group exerted much of its effort to foster a strong partnership with the Local Government. During the first few months of its inception, Paglutas accomplished the task of being recognized as one of Tayabas’ accredited Civil Society Organizations. Paglutas also became a member of the Tayabas Peace and Order Council and an active partner of Tayabas Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office. On its first year, Paglutas managed to significantly increase its membership. During the celebration of its first anniversary, five members of the Tayabas City Council were inducted as members of REACT Paglutas.

Our Vision & Mission


To willingly render assistance to society, regardless of age, sex, dialect, ethnic origin, creed, belief, religion, race and status in life.   To be leaders of the community and models of the youth.   To be a dependable partner of the Government in maintaining Peace, Order and Stability of our Society.   To attain legal, effective and beneficial utilization of transceiver equipment for rapid information gathering and dissemination in every part of the country and at any time of the day.


To be globally recognized as an outstanding and dependable Civic Organization rendering assistance for public welfare particularly in rapid information gathering and dissemination in times of emergencies, calamities and disasters.

"No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted"

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